St. Thomas' College of Engineering & Technology
Kolkata, West Bengal
Department of Information Technology

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

 Programming :  

The students will –
1. Analyze a given problem by proper deductive reasoning and develop the algorithm to    arrive at a solution.
2. Choose a suitable programming language to implement the solution.
3. Develop the program in the chosen language.
4. Test and debug the program according to laid down test plans and make the program     error free.
5. Create documentation, pseudo codes, and internal comments for proper understanding     of the program.
6. Demonstrate the working of the developed program to the user.
7.  Implement and provide support for the application.

PSO2: Multimedia Authoring :

The students will –
1. Analyze the requirement of the client.
2. Design the story for the presentation.
3. Create the storyboard and script required for the development.
4. Create or collect the media components that are required for the presentation.
5. Author the presentation in the suitable authoring metaphor.
6. Test the functionality of the presentation.
7. Demonstrate the product to the target audience and the client..

PSO3: Software Engineering :

The students will –
1. Analyze the requirement document given by the client.
2. Perform feasibility analysis and create the software requirement specification and the     system test plan.
3. Develop the high level design document and the integration test plan.
4. Modularize the problem and design the detailed design documents along with the unit     test plans.
5. Develop the unit modules and test them according to unit test plan.
6. Integrate the unit modules and test according to the integration test plan.
7. Test the system as a whole and arrange for demonstrate before the client for an     acceptance test.
8. Implement the software product and provide support for proper running of the product.


To fulfill the above PSOs, the department has three specialized computer laboratories equipped with modern facilities like web cameras, speakers, projectors etc. The department uses another two specialized labs, project lab and research/innovative lab for students’ project and research purposes, shared with Computer Science Department.
All the computers in the department are connected in LAN. Students use internet from the computers of all the labs.