St. Thomas' College of Engineering & Technology
Kolkata, West Bengal
All Programmes (B.Tech in CSE, EE, ECE & IT) are NBA Accredited.

Graduates of Information Technology Program shall  

PEO1: Excel in professional career, higher education and research. 

PEO2: Demonstrate professionalism, entrepreneurship, ethical behavior, communication skills and collaborative team work to adapt the emerging trends by engaging in lifelong learning.  

PEO3: Exhibit the skills and knowledge required to design, develop and implement IT solutions for real life problems.   



Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


At the end of the program the students will be able to


PSO1 (Programming): Apply the programming knowledge to build an efficient and effective solution of the problem with an error free , well documented and reusable code, user friendly interface and well organized database.

PSO2 (Multimedia and Web Authoring): Create multimedia enabled web solutions using information in different forms for business, education and the society at large, with the help of  suitable authoring metaphor and taking into considerations the interactivity and human computer interaction aspects.

PSO3 (Software Engineering): Understand and analyze a big complex problem and decompose it into relatively smaller and independent modules either algorithmically or in an object oriented way choosing correct life cycle model and using effective test cases.