St. Thomas' College of Engineering & Technology
Kolkata, West Bengal
Faculty Details
Name Designation Qualification Area of Research Email ID
Dr. Subarna Bhattacharjee Professor & HoD Ph.D. Data Compression (Data, Image, & Video Compression) s.bhattacharya@stcet.ac.in
Dr. Mousumi Dutt Associate Professor Ph.D. Digital Geometry and Image Analysis mousumi.dutt@stcet.ac.in
Mr. Samrat Sarkar Asst. Professor M. Tech. Artificial Intelligence samrat.sarkar@stcet.ac.in
Mr. Subhankar Mallick Asst. Professor M. Tech. Data Mining subhankar.mallick@stcet.ac.in
Mr. Amiya Halder Asst. Professor  M.E. Image processing, Soft computing amiya.halder@stcet.ac.in
Mr. Debashis Chakraborty Asst. Professor M. Tech. Data & Image Compression debasish.chakraborty@stcet.ac.in
Ms. Biswajita Datta Asst. Professor M.Tech. Information Security(Steganography) biswajita.datta@stcet.ac.in
Dr. Soumen Kumar Pati Asst. Professor Ph.D. Bio Informatics, Data Mining soumen.pati@stcet.ac.in
Dr. Amit Paul Asst. Professor Ph.D. Bio-Informatics, Soft Computing amit.paul@stcet.ac.in
Ms. Barnali Gupta Banik Asst. Professor M.Tech. Digital Steganography barnali.guptabanik@stcet.ac.in
Ms. Sanghamitra De Asst. Professor M.Tech Network Security sanghamitra.de@stcet.ac.in
Ms. Ghazaala Yasmin Asst. Professor M.Tech Image Processing and Data Mining ghazaala.yasmin@stcet.ac.in