St. Thomas' College of Engineering & Technology
Kolkata, West Bengal
Faculty Details
Name Designation Qualification Area of Research Email ID
Dr. Bimal Bhusan Sen Associate Professor & HoD Ph.D. Machines bb.sen@stcet.ac.in
Dr. M. Bhattacharyya Professor Emeritus Ph.D. Machines m.bhattacharyya@stcet.ac.in
Dr. Sujit Kumar Biswas Professor  Ph.D. Electric Drives sk.biswas@stcet.ac.in
Dr. Prithwiraj Purkait Professor  Ph.D. High voltage engineering, Fault Diagnosis, Signal Processing Prithwiraj.Purkait@stcet.ac.in
Ms. Poulami Ghosh Asst. Professor M.Tech. Power System poulami.ghosh@stcet.ac.in
Ms. Sukanya Dasgupta Asst. Professor M.Tech. Power Electronics sukanya.dasgupta@stcet.ac.in
Ms. Ananya Bose Asst. Professor M.Tech. Control System ananya.bose@stcet.ac.in
Mr. Arup Das Asst. Professor M.Tech. Electrical Power arup.das@stcet.ac.in
Mr. Pradip Banerjee Asst. Professor B.E. Thermal Power Plant, Electrical Machine, Power System pradip.banerjee@stcet.ac.in
Mr. Indrayudh Bandyopadhyay Asst. Professor M.Tech. Industrial Electrical System indrayudh.bandyopadhyay@stcet.ac.in
Dr. Krishna Roy Asst. Professor Ph.D. Electrical Machine & Drives krishna.roy@stcet.ac.in