St. Thomas' College of Engineering & Technology
Kolkata, West Bengal
Faculty Details
Name Designation Qualification Area of Research Email ID
Dr. Arijit Ghosal Associate Professor Ph.D. Pattern Recognition arijit.ghosal@stcet.ac.in
Mr. Amit Kr. Siromoni Asst. Professor &  HoD M.Tech. Quality control in digital learning. a.k.siromoni@stcet.ac.in
Ms. Aditi Bal Asst. Professor M.Tech. VLSI aditi.bal@stcet.ac.in
Ms. Sanchita Saha Ray Asst. Professor M.E. Computer architecture, Embedded systems sanchita.saharay@stcet.ac.in
Dr. Arindam Chakravorty Asst. Professor Ph.D. Courseware quality, Immunization algorithm arindam.chakravorty@stcet.ac.in
Mr. Kalyan Das Asst. Professor M. Tech. Image Processing & Visual Cryptography kalyan.das@stcet.ac.in
Mr. Sk.Latib Asst. Professor M.Tech. Retinal Image Analysis sk.latib@stcet.ac.in
Dr. Ranjit Ghoshal Asst. Professor Ph.D. Image processing, Pattern recognition ranjit.ghoshal@stcet.ac.in
Mr. Amit Dutta Asst. Professor M.E. Data Mining, Image Processing amit.dutta@stcet.ac.in
Ms. Ranjita Chowdhury Asst. Professor   M.Tech. Medical Image Processing ranjita.chowdhury@stcet.ac.in
Ms. Subhashree Basu Asst. Professor M.Tech. Software Engineering subhashree.basu@stcet.ac.in
Dr. Nilanjana Karmakar Asst. Professor Ph.D. Digital Geometry, Image Analysis, Image Processing nilanjana.karmakar@stcet.ac.in