St. Thomas' College of Engineering & Technology
Kolkata, West Bengal
Science Laboratories
Physics Laboratory

The lab is equipped with most sophisticated instruments for fibre-optics experiments,four probe,Hall effect setup etc.

The main facilities provided by Physics laboratory in our college are :

1. Spectroscopic measurements.

2. Measurement of dielectric constant.

3. Measurement of Hall Co-efficient of semiconductor.

4. Measurement of band gap of a semicoductor.

5. Measurement of conductivity of bad conducting material.

6. Experimental set up regarding Optical Fibre.

Chemistry Laboratory

The chemistry lab provides all facilities for chemistry experiments like viscosity measurement, inorganic quantitative estimation, etc.

The lab is equipped with all the required materials like:


2. Ostwald's Viscometers

3. PH- meters

4. Conductivity meters

5. Chemicals etc