Publications List 2019

Sl. Details
1 Halder A. and Nath S., “Rank-wise Weighted Mean Filter for Gaussian Noise Removal” 10th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies, IEEE, pp 1-6, 2019.
2 Halder A. and Samaddar D., “Gaussian Noise Removal Algorithm using Statistical Method”, International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing, IEEE Xplore, pp. 640-644, 2019
3 Halder A., Sengupta S., Bhattacharya P. and Sarkar A., “Fast Adaptive Decision-Based Mean Filter for Removing Salt-and-Pepper Noise in Images”, Computational Intelligence in Pattern Recognition, pp. 783-793, Springer, 2019
4 Halder A. and Ghose S., “Blood Vessel Extraction from Retinal Images Using Modified Gaussian Filter and Bottom-Hat Transformation”, Computational Intelligence in Pattern Recognition, pp. 357-763, Springer,2019
5 Halder A., Bhattacharya P., Shah N., “Numerical Integration based Contrast Enhancement using Simpson’s Method”, Computational Intelligence in Pattern Recognition, pp. 379-386, Springer, 2019.
6 Bhowmik, S. , Chatterjee A. , Biswas, S. , Farhin, R. , Yasmin, G. , "Speech-Based Emotion Classification for Human by Introducing Upgraded Long Short-Term Memory (ULSTM)." Computational Intelligence in Pattern Recognition. pp. 101-112, Springer, Singapore, 2019.
7 Halder A., Halder S., Chakraborty S. and Sarkar A., "A Statistical Salt and Pepper Noise Removal Algorithm", International Journal of Image and Graphics, Vol. 19, No. 1 (2019) 1950006 (29 pages).(Scopus).
8 SauryyaLahiri, Prayati Dutta, KoustuvPodder presented “Study of Influence of Acid On Transformer Insulation through Frequency Domain Spectrum “ under supervision of Dr. PrithwirajPurkait at 4th Regional Science & Technology Congress(Southern Region) for Poster Presentation section on 23rd Decmber,2019.
9 R. Ghoshal, A. Banerjee, “SVM and MLP based Segmentation and Recognitionof Text from Scene Images Through an Effective Binarization Scheme” In Computational Intelligence in Pattern Recognition (pp. 237-246), Kolkata, 2019.
10 A. Ghosal, C.Pathak, P. Singh, S. Dutta, “Voice Based Gender IdentificationUsing Cooccurrence Based Features”, In Computational Intelligence in PatternRecognition (pp. 947-956), Kolkata, 2019.
11 S. Ghosh, S. Dasgupta, and S. Saha Ray, “A comparison-free hardware sorting engine,” in 2019 IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI (ISVLSI), 2019, pp. 586–591, Miami, USA, 2019.

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A mandatory mock test will be taken by MAKAUT on 29th and 30th April for students having backlog in 2nd, 4th and 6th semesters. For details, please consult university website on regular basis.
April 28, 2021
MAKAUT, has declared the schedule for Odd Semester examination. Students of 2nd (except Lateral Entry), 3rd and 4th years who have not paid their tuition fees for Odd Semesters (3rd /5th & 7th ) are hereby advised to clear the tuition fees immediately for getting clearance before submission of examination fees. Please treat this as urgent. By Order
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Admission in First Year B Tech against new vacancies
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Amendment of First Regulation
All students are advised to check the MAKAUT, WB notification No. COE/MAKAUT,WB/51/2020 Dated: 25/07/2020 for Amendment of First Regulation.
July 28, 2020