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Department of Basic Science & Humanities (Foundation Courses)

Basic Science & Humanities (Foundation Courses)
General Information

Basic Science & Humanities Department consists of following disciplines:





Mechanical Science

Faculty List
Dr. Tapas Roy
Mechanical Engineering and Management Science
Dr. Aruna Chakraborty
Associate Professor, Coordinator
Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science
Amalendu Thakur
Assistant Professor
Siddhartha Chatterjee
Assistant Professor
Chemistry (Polymer Technology)
Biswadip Chakraborty
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Poly Debnath
Assistant Professor
Chemistry(Chemical Engg.)
Dr. Anusua Baveja
Assistant Professor
Mathematics (Classical Cosmology)
Dr. Soumen Maiti
Associate Professor
Physics (Material Science & Nanotechnology)
Sharabh Chatterjee
Assistant Professor
Pure Mathematics
Soumita Das
Assistant Professor
Management Science
Kingshuk Banerjea
Assistant Professor
Inter-disciplinary Humanities and Social Science
Kumar Singha Roy
Assistant Professor
Reetoja Taj
Assistant Professor
Existentialism, American Literature